Having worked through these variations, can you think of other ways that the task might (a) progress more gently or (b) be extended?

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Karina Oliveira
1 year ago

The task can be extended by going into hundreds and thousands.

Joanne Decker
1 year ago

Having students look at the number in terms of place value, using images of blocks could provide a transition between using the actual blocks and going straight to the numerals. Also having the dividend written out as __tens and __ones may ravel the concept of place value for students if they require it. To extend the idea, it would be important to be careful not to make too big of a jump.

Jacqueline Cameron
1 year ago

It would be interesting to extend into decimal concept… to reinforce the understanding of the place value and its role in the relationship?

Jacqueline Cameron
1 year ago

I also wonder if specific use of colour could help focus attention between the different components of the relationship?

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