Math Minds Course

Structuring Inquiry for Teaching Mathematics

Professional Learning for Educators

What makes this course unique?

This course aims to provide a user’s introduction to a coherent, theory-rich, evidence-based approach to teaching mathematics. While the principles we present in the course apply to all levels, the majority of the examples and illustrations we offer are derived from the elementary level mathematics.

Unit 1

Unit 1 offers an overview of the model and focuses on using these principles to structure content, organize teaching, and examine resources.

Available now

Unit 2

Unit 2 offers lessons for you to analyze – and, in some cases, to try out in your classroom.nn

Expected January 2020

Unit 3

Unit 3 invites you to engage more deeply with elements of the model in your teaching. nn

Expected March 2020

Please review our course outline for more information about the course.

What to Expect from The Course?

The course offers advice on assessing and selecting classroom resources

The course offers support when using those resources to choose, adapt, and craft tasks that are suited to your students.

The course provides strategies for gathering feedback from learners and using that feedback

What Not to Expect?

Our research has shown that it takes concentrated and sustained effort to become adept at the using the model

For many teachers, the course is designed to interrupting deep-seated habits that were developed as a student and reinforced by teaching

Math Minds model is committed to integrating contemporary research on learning, we don’t offer any sort of stand-alone advice on popular trends.

The Research Team

Brent Davis PhD

University of Calgary

Armando Paulino Preciado Babb PhD

University of Calgary

Martina Metz PhD

University of Calgary

Soroush Sabbaghan PhD

University of Calgary

What is Math Minds?

Math Minds is a collaborative partnership of the Werklund School of Education University of Calgary, the Calgary Catholic School District, the Golden Hills School Division, JUMP Math and Suncor Energy Foundation. The broad aims of the initiative are to strengthen numeracy among students in Grades 1 to 6 and to help establish Calgary as a centre of excellence in math education.

Days in Development

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Hours of Discussion

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